Election Results

As we wait for the results of the United States presidential elections I would like to suggest a few sites that you can visit for reliable results.

My first stop for world news is The New York Times.  I especially appreciate their writing on world events and books.  Of course the crossword is a great way to start the day.

Internationally I go to The Guardian (England) and El Pais (Spain). In Peru I peruse El Comercio and La Rep├║blica.  

Back in the United States I check out the headlines from Fox News.

Having looked at many different sources, along with talking to friends and relatives, I have a good sense of what is going on.  Don't forget to do the CRAAP test when looking at sources.  You don't want to be fooled by sites like The Onion (satire) or taken in with misleading information.

Stay informed!

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