Slytherin Still, Again. Yes!


I have a confession to make.  I went back to Wizarding World (Harry Potter Fan Club website) to check something out.  Yes, I know that there is a pandemic going on and that there are millions of serious problems in the world...maybe that's why I went back to this amazing fantasy world.

Anyway, back I went.  This time, with a different email address.  I wanted to see what would happen with the Sorting Hat.  Would I be sorted into the same house?  Might I have changed from the last time I was sorted a good number of years ago?  Would I still be sorted into Slytherin during the sorting ceremony?

Yes, I was once again sorted into Slytherin.  The last time I was surprised that I was sorted into Slytherin.  I always figured I would fit well into Ravenclaw, "Where those of wit and learning will always find their kind."  Sorting Hat had a different take on where I would fit best.  I may be cunning but I'm unsure if I am one of "those cunning folk [who] use any means to achieve their ends."  But maybe I am... I did, after all, use a second email to check out the results of Sorting Hat.

What house were you sorted into? @wizardingworld 

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