Big Picture/Little Picture

Have you seen this puzzle before? 
I love puzzles, so I loved this puzzle too! 
How many squares do you see?   

Many people I have talked to do not find all of the squares.  Most see the 4 x 4 grid of 16; most tell me they did not see the 3 x 3 squares (there are 4 of them).  Some missed the little squares in the middle.  Did you count the one big square on the outside?

In total there are 40 squares.  Yep, 40.  So, on we go looking for the big picture and the little picture, the big squares and the little squares.  

What are your big picture goals (quests to accomplish before you die)?  How about your little picture goals (maybe a good cup of coffee this afternoon)?  Even puzzles can get us thinking.  Thanks to the friend who sent this out.

And wondering.

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