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Have you gotten your feet wet with Harry Potter?  Most folks have an opinion about the boy wizard.  Mine?  Well, I didn't much care for the first book.  I felt that it got off to a slow start, and I struggled with the believability of it all (well, duh!  it's fantasy).  Anyway, so many of my students and friends loved the series I thought I would at least start the second book.

I was hooked!  I flew through the remaining six books.  I loved the stories, the characters (especially Dobby), the conflicts.  Brilliant!

If you would like to get started, you could try a free listen at Audible.  I also found a copy of the book online; you might search for that.  Then, click on over to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter where you can be sorted into a house (I was sorted into Slytherin), get your magic wand (mine is made of maple wood with a dragon heartstring core), and find your Patronus (apparently I have a Bassett Hound Patronus). 

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